About us

Hi! I'm Izady, the owner of Blossom Bee Candles.

Blossom Bee Candles was born in Maastricht, The Netherlands. In the end of 2020 when I lost my job due to lockdown, I decided to dedicate all my time and energy to starting my own business. It had to be something sustainable, but also something that I could expand if I wanted to.

In this time I was getting more and more interested in natural products. I found out that the candles I was burning all along were not really good for my health. There were a lot of natural candles on the market but it wasn't that easy to find natural candles that were actually 100% natural ánd at the same time looked stylish in your home. That's when I thought, why can't we do both?!

After doing research about different candle waxes I found out that beeswax was definitely de healthiest wax available. I reached out to a friend who is a beekeeper and she gave me my first batch of beeswax. I absolutely immediately fell in love with this product. The smell, the properties, the story behind it. This was it!

It was during this time I learned a lot about how this wax is produced and found out that not all beeswax is produced in a beefriendly way. For this reason I choose to only work with local, trusted beekeepers. To ensure that the bees get treated the right way and also to support local businesses. This meant that I would be limited in my beeswax supply and that I had to find another wax to make candles from.  That's when I started to experiment with rapeseedwax. It's vegan, has a low carbon footprint, it is also produced locally & the bees looove the rapeseedplant!

In the future we would love to expand with sustainable homeware and a lot more. But for now we put our love & energy in pouring our candles with care.


If you have any questions, you can email us at info@blossombeecandles.com
You can also find us on Facebook & Instagram


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